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The Board Store Home Improvements has been providing expert installation of high quality home improvements since October of 1989. With 19 years experience in the industry, I began with the mission of “counting others as more important than yourself”. Excellent customer reviews, national recognition, and multiple “Best of the Best” awards have established The Board Store as the premier home improvement brand in the region.

Dedication to serving local customers with more and better products has been the backbone of The Board Store’s success. We have invested in renovating 8 historic buildings to provide an outstanding 14,000+ square foot showroom where homeowners can explore the best options for replacing windows and doors, for remodeling their bathroom or kitchen, or for other renovations like new siding or gutters, a new sunroom, pergola, or deck.

The fact that 50% of our business is from past customers is evidence that Improving Your Home, Improving Your Life is more than just a slogan. I personally and our entire team corporately take great pride in improving the lives of so many.

Finally, as the years slow me down, I am very proud to say that my daughter Danielle, an experienced project manager and experienced licensed contractor, will continue to supply the excellence that has built our company.

Improving Your Home, Improving Your Life!

Miles Wilkins,
Owner & CEO

Our Company History

The Board Store Home Improvements Historical Building Photo 528 Copeland Ave La Crosse Wi 1984

The Beginning: 1978-1985

The Board Store was established in 1978 by Dale Olson and Archie McDonald to provide craftsmen and carpenters a reliable source for high-quality wooden building materials, and was aptly named The Board Store. The business soon expanded to include building and selling furniture. In 1985, Mike Cunningham purchased Archie’s portion of the company and continued to expand the selection of finished and unfinished solid wood furniture.

The Board Store Home Improvements All Company Photo La Crosse Wi

The Early Years: 1989-2007

In late 1989, Mike and Dale chose to grow the business further by offering home improvements to homeowners in the La Crosse, WI, area. They soon hired CEO-to-be Miles Wilkins to develop the home improvement operations based on his seventeen years of experience in the industry.

The home improvements operation grew rapidly while Mike and Dale continued to acquire several of the neighboring historical buildings on Copeland Ave. A total of eight buildings and a vacant lot were acquired for The Board Store. The sale of wooden boards was discontinued as big box outlets began to offer lumber by the truckload.

1 The Board Store Home Improvements Building Refacing And Renovation La Crosse Wi

Taking The Next Step: 2008

In 2008, Dale and Mike chose to sell their portion of the business, along with the real estate, to long-time manager Miles Wilkins and his wife Lynn. The home remodeling operation continued to thrive, and Miles and Lynn hoped to create similar success in the furniture business.

They started to renovate and expand their string of buildings along Copeland Ave. Old apartments on the second level were demolished to expand the furniture showroom, and the furniture inventory now included a variety of premium wood and upholstered furniture.

The Board Store Home Improvements Exterior Main Entrance Street View La Crosse Wi

A New Vision For The Board Store: 2008-2018

From 2008-2018, the company’s home improvement operation continued to grow into a strong local brand, receiving recognition on a national scale and right here in our own backyard. In 2017, The Board Store purchased a seamless siding replacement franchise along with a flooring installation company to expand their offering of home improvement services.

Despite extensive marketing and doubling of the furniture inventory selection, the furniture side of the business continued to struggle. By 2018, due to the impact of the internet and big box retailers, Miles and Lynn chose to exit the furniture business.

The Board Store has now become The Board Store Home Improvements.

The Board Store Home Improvements Vehicles La Crosse Wi

The Board Store Home Improvements Today: 2018-Present Day

Today, Miles and The Board Store Home Improvements staff focus 100% of their efforts on providing quality home improvements and professional installation of their products. The Board Store Home Improvements full-time team of employees includes designers, salespeople, support staff, plumbers, electricians, and installers to ensure our high level of quality is maintained throughout every project.

The Board Store Home Improvements began with Miles and a few sample cases and has grown to include over seventy full-time employees and a product display filling a 14,000+ sq ft showroom.

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