Can Replacement Windows Maximize Your Outside Views In La Crosse, WI?

Bringing The Outdoors In: La Crosse, WI
Replacement Windows To Maximize
Your Outdoor Views

Beautiful Views By
The Board Store

What’s the good of having a lush, beautiful backyard just to have the views ruined by the tiny, outdated windows of your La Crosse, WI home?

At The Board Store, we understand the tranquil nature of natural, panoramic outside views even while you’re relaxing inside your house. When the weather gets cold (which those of us in Wisconsin know quite a bit about!), few things are better than enjoying a cup of hot chocolate by the roaring fireplace while watching the snow falling outside.

For the best replacement windows in La Crosse County, turn to The Board Store for expert installation backed by our 10-year workmanship warranty.

What Windows Best Display Outdoor Views?

When it comes to windows that display outside views, bigger is better. Here at The Board Store, we have large window styles that help you appreciate the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your own home.

Bay and bow windows are large and designed to feel as open as possible.

Bay windows are commonly used in breakfast nooks, extending to the outside. This design gives you the feeling of being outside. Curl up in your cozy nook with a good book and enjoy the beautiful scenery La Crosse County has to offer. Bow windows are typically installed in living rooms to give an open feeling to your home. Bay and bow windows can be made to fit where your plain old windows are now, the old window opening can be made larger, or we can create a complete new opening that opens your home to a delightful view of the outdoors.

Specialty windows are large, unique windows that make a statement of your house’s distinctive character. Give your home a classic, imposing edge without the draftiness of older windows.

What Should I Look For In Replacement Windows?

With spacious outdoor views comes the possibility of wasting energy. Anyone who’s been close to their windows during these harsh Wisconsin winters knows this for a fact. This is why you should opt for the most energy-efficient windows installed by the experts at The Board Store.

Gone are the days of single-pane windows focusing more on cost and bare minimum expectations. With what we now know about energy efficiency, research has condemned single-pane residential windows as one of the most significant wasters of energy in houses.There are also plenty of windows that were installed as recently as the 90s that are drafty, rotting, and poor performing because of poor installation or simply because the builder chose the cheapest alternative.Replacement windows not only provide energy saving but comfort convenience and a wonderful new look to your home–inside and out.

When selecting replacement windows for your La Crosse, WI home, you should keep an eye out for the following features:

  • Double or triple panes – the more insulated your home is against the outside elements, the more energy you’ll conserve, leading to lower energy bills
  • Low-E glass coating – reflects infrared light, keeping your home from absorbing too much outside heat
  • Warm edge spacers – seal and insulate the edges of the glass
  • Weatherstripping – keeps your windows impervious to air and water leaks
  • Gas fills – most energy-efficient replacement windows have argon or krypton separating the panes, which work as extra insulators

The larger your window, the more important these features become. Don’t compromise high energy bills for scenic views – trust The Board Store with quick, efficient, expert installation and high-quality products.

Colors And Styles For Your
Replacement Windows

At the Board Store, we carry several window types in a wide range of interior and exterior colors, woodgrain interiors and styles to match your home’s character. Windows that deliver the most panoramic views are bow windows and bay windows.

Bay windows are especially helpful for a cozy reading corner or a breakfast nook where you can immerse yourself in scenic beauty as you begin your day.

Casement, double-hung, and single-hung windows are perfect for homeowners who love to feel the breeze on warm summer days, but seal the windows up tight during cold winter snows.

To make a unique statement about your home’s distinctive character, The Board Store also offers a range of specialty windows for the most particular La Crosse, WI, homeowner!

Visit our showroom to see the many beautiful examples of replacement window installations available.

Why Choose The Board Store For My La Crosse, WI
Window Installation?

The Board Store has been striving for perfection and delivering top-of-the-line products for over 34 years. Satisfied La Crosse County homeowners consistently give us five-star reviews.

We’ll never make our customers settle for less than the best. While our competitors may cut corners by using cheap materials and inferior installation techniques, you can always trust The Board Store for excellence and quality in everything we do.

If you have any questions about our award-winning service, call us at (608) 782-8877 and set up your free consultation today!

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