Choosing Entry Doors May Require More Than You Think In La Crosse, WI

Questions To Ask When Buying A New Entry
Door For Your La Crosse, WI Home

Make A Statement And Boost Your Curb
Appeal With A New Front Door
From The Board Store

Your front doors in La Crosse, WI make a statement to your visitors. Don’t let an old, outdated front door and bland entryway paint a negative picture of you to your neighbors.

When purchasing new front doors for your home, The Board Store offers a variety of styles, designs, and colors to match your home’s unique aesthetic. We use only the best in the business for our doors, ProVia – a company well-known for its impeccable craftsmanship and lasting durability.

It’s normal to have questions when choosing a front door for your home. After all, first impressions are important. Remember that the three most important three aspects of a new front door are:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Durability
  • Security
  • Style

No matter the style of your home – modern, colonial, Cape Cod, Victorian, ranch-style – The Board Store has the perfect door to match your home’s design. Check out colors, styles, and customizable options, like custom glasswork and metal accents.

Check out the following considerations when choosing a new front door for your lovely home.

Energy Efficiency- How Energy Efficient Is Your
New Front Door?

Energy efficiency is one of the main considerations when choosing a new front door. Energy-efficient doors cut down on energy waste and lower your home’s carbon footprint, and energy efficiency also cuts down on energy bills.

Since energy efficiency is one of the major considerations home buyers make when shopping for a house, having an energy-efficient door (and windows) boosts your home’s overall value and makes it more attractive to buyers.

This is a significant benefit if you ever plan on selling your home.

ProVia doors provided by The Board Store are designed to prevent drafts and keep energy from escaping around your door. Sophisticated weather stripping and durable seals keep the elements out while keeping you and your household at a comfortable indoor temperature.

The core of each of our doors is specially designed to use less energy to heat and cool. Our steel doors have a foam-filled inner core, while our fiberglass options have polyurethane centers to better prevent heat transference.

Our doors’ insulation channels and custom bottom sweeps further prevent energy leaks and drafts. Dual-perimeter seals outlast the inferior seals of our competitors’ doors, sealing up your home against the elements and preventing energy waste.

Durability – Is Your Front Door Built To Last?

Durability is an important consideration, given how hard the elements can be on front doors.

The harsh Wisconsin winters can wreak havoc on inferior doors, which is why our extra thick ProVia entry doors from The Board Store are manufactured with a nearly indestructible finish resistant to cracking, splitting, warping, chipping, and more.

Polyurethane and steel cores protect against warping, and our beautiful non-porous acrylic finishes won’t fade or wear.

Our steel doors are rust-proof and designed for extra strength. A UV-resistant finish ensures your steel exterior door doesn’t fade and remains beautiful for years to come. Premium 20-gauge construction makes our ProVia steel doors the strongest on the market.

Our Embarq fiberglass front doors are 43% thicker than standard front doors with a polyurethane core.

Security – Does Your New Front Door Sufficiently
Safeguard Your Home?

At The Board Store, we understand everyone’s home is their castle. That’s why our front entry doors are built with top-quality security measures to protect you and your household from potential break-ins.

Multiple-point locking systems help ensure utmost security while each door’s thick, impenetrable frame resists breaking and splitting.

Style – How Can I Make My Entry Door
Stand Out From The Rest?

No matter the material you choose for the front entry door of your La Crosse, WI, home, we offer a wide range of styles, colors, designs, wood grains, textures, and stains.

Our steel doors can look as warm as a cottage entrance with special wood grain texture and finish, while our fiberglass doors can be designed with a sleek, metallic look.

Here at The Board Store, we have the perfect style for everyone. Add a touch of elegance to your door with custom glasswork.

ProVia’s exclusive Art Glass Doors give La Crosse, WI homeowners the opportunity to further express their individual styles through their home’s front doors. We have a wide palette of colors and styles, ranging from classic to contemporary.

Put your own unique spin on your front door and make the statement you want to make with a beautiful new ProVia front door from The Board Store!

A Storm Door Provides More Sunlight
And Breeze Inside Your Home

While sunny winter days are seldom here in La Crosse County, they’re a rare treat when they do happen. But wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the sunshine without the bitter cold?

With a ProVia storm door from The Board Store, you can! Let the sunshine warm your home while keeping the cold at bay.

Trust The Experts At The Board Store For The Best
Front Door Installation In La Crosse County

We’ve served the people of La Crosse County for over 30 years. And in all that time, we’ve learned that success depends upon using only the highest quality materials, expert installation, and focus on the customer.

For the best entry doors La Crosse, WI, has to offer, contact The Board Store for a free estimate.

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