Discover The Process Of Replacing Your Windows In La Crosse, WI

What To Expect When Replacing Windows
In Your La Crosse, WI Home

Stellar Service, Expert Installation,
And A 10-year Warranty

Congratulations on deciding to update your La Crosse, WI, home with new windows! Deciding to replace the windows in your La Crosse County home is a big decision that should be celebrated.

But once the initial excitement disappears, some questions remain.

What exactly happens during the window replacement process? Will there be a lot of mess? How does the crew safely dispose of the old windows? If a problem arises, will your home be vulnerable overnight without windows?

We understand that you have a lot of questions when it comes to your window replacement. After all, it’s a big step that affects the value and well-being of your home. And here at The Board Store, our exceptional customer service team is here to answer all of your questions in simple, straightforward ways.

Trust the experts at The Board Store for expert installation and quality craftsmanship. We guarantee our products and services with a 10-year workmanship warranty and have shining five-star reviews from satisfied La Crosse, WI, homeowners to set your mind at ease.

A Prompt Free Estimate For Your Replacement Windows

Every replacement window project begins with a customer reaching out.

We at The Board Store offer a free, no-obligation estimate where one of our team comes out and assesses your old windows, takes the necessary measurements, and listens to your wants and concerns. We then give you a prompt quote shortly after the assessment.

What happens when you choose The Board Store Home Improvements for your window project?

Your contract, and all the information the salesperson gathered, are provided to our operations department. They will create a job folder and schedule a re-measure with one of our senior installers to double-check and make certain the right size windows are measured for every opening.

Once the Contract is signed the real work begins. The old rule of “measure twice cut once” applies when it comes to everything we do. We will schedule a second person to come and measure your windows and doors to verify accuracy. This makes sure it’s a perfect fit. All the important details are passed along to our Operations Team to begin the ordering process and after we know the ship date of the materials, we will contact you to discuss a convenient time period for the installation to begin.

The operations department will then place the order with the manufacturer. If, as often is the case, there will be new interior wood trim installed with your windows, an order will be placed with our trim department to make certain all the necessary materials are available when it is time to complete the installation.

We do not begin any installation until your windows have been delivered to our warehouse and inspected. When our warehouse team confirms that everything is in place for your project, the operations department will call to set a date and time for the installation.

Our window installation teams are typically two to four experienced individuals. They will arrive at the scheduled time which is usually between seven and eight-thirty in the morning. They will set up, make a quick inspection of what’s ahead of them, and get started.

They will take precautions to minimize any disruption to your day and any mess from the installation. If appropriate, they will employ the appropriate lead-safe practices. As the old windows are removed they will be removed from your home and, at the end of each day, loaded on our truck and returned to our warehouse where we have a dumpster for proper disposal.

Our installation trucks are a fully equipped “shop” with all the necessary tools and supplies to install your windows, cut and fit interior wood trim, and ensure an attractive finished exterior on the new windows.

The installers will double-check the operation of each window to ensure it is functioning as it should. When the work is completed the installers will ensure that all debris is cleaned up and removed to their truck for disposal at our shop.

Disposal Of Old Windows

Usually, you can expect a dumpster to be delivered to your home so our installation crew can safely dispose of your house’s old windows.

If you have a smaller house or are just replacing a few windows, the dumpster may not be necessary.

Make Plenty Of Space For The Crew
To Replace Your Windows

Window replacement can be a bit disrupted as the crew is working inside your home but all extraneous tasks will be performed outdoors and each interior space is policed as soon as the installation is complete.

Depending on the type of installation, the installers may be removing just the window sashes, or in most homes built after 1960, they will be removing the entire existing window as well as all interior and exterior trim. They will use drop clothes and other means to protect your home.

To ensure the crew has plenty of room to work, clear away furniture and other items from the area around the windows scheduled to be replaced. Remove any wall hangings from the site so they don’t get knocked down.

The installers need as clear a path as possible within the house and from the truck to the house. In winter months it is important that snow and ice are removed as much as possible for safety and to reduce any tracking. If there are some unusual circumstances or barriers, it is helpful if the operations department is informed beforehand.

The crews will need room for ladders to complete the exterior finish on the windows, so clear away any patio furniture, toys, and other outdoor items from the area. This protects both the installation team and your property from any preventable accidents.

How Long Does Window Replacement Take?

The “how long” question is really a two-part question. It may be that you are wondering how long until we will be at your home to complete the project and/or it may be you are asking how long it will take to complete the project once the installers arrive at your home.

The waiting period between purchase and installation can vary considerably based on the manufacturer’s ability to deliver your custom windows. It could be as soon as eight weeks but more likely longer than that.

Our salespeople are updated on a regular basis so they will be able to provide you with an approximate time for completion of your project at the time that you sign the contract. The time required to complete the work depends on the type of installation and the number of windows that will be installed.

It can vary from a single day to several days. The salesperson will provide an approximate time frame but, most importantly, you are assured that, once the project is started, our team will use only the best materials and practices and will continue uninterrupted until the job is totally complete.

Once the job begins, your windows can take a few hours to nearly an entire day to replace. No matter how long the job takes, you can be confident that The Board Store will always use the best products available and safe, efficient installation techniques so you can enjoy your new windows for decades to come!

Where Can I Get The Best Replacement Windows
In La Crosse County?

For the best replacement windows, look to none other than The Board Store. We’ve served the good people of our community for more than 34 years, with shining customer reviews and a reputation for nothing less than the best for our homeowners.

If you’re thinking about replacing your La Crosse, WI home’s old windows, reach out to The Board Store and schedule your window replacement today!

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