Get The Best Door Installation

Don’t Fall Victim To The Consequences Of An
Improper Door Installation In Onalaska, WI

We Install Our Entry Doors With
Expert Attention To Detail

Installing replacement entry doors to your Onalaska, WI home is a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal. Once you have chosen the perfect entry door from The Board Store Home Improvements, you can be assured maximum value from your investment with installation by our experienced, certified installers.

Installing new doors is a detailed process that requires a high level of expertise, and we have enough confidence in our carpenters that we provide every homeowner with a 10-year labor warranty.

Your La Crosse County Home’s Security May Be
Compromised By Improperly Installed Doors

One of your door’s most important jobs is keeping your home secure. Many doors accomplish part of this goal by having strong and sturdy material. For example, steel and fiberglass doors are designed to stand up against unpredictable weather and potential intruders.

Explore the exceptional construction and security features of the doors The Board Store Home Improvements installs. The safety and security of your family is a priority, and quality entry doors properly installed will give you great peace of mind.

Avoid Higher Energy Bills By Installing
Entry Doors With Care

The doors offered by The Board Store Home Improvements are designed to be energy-efficient. This means that they help to insulate your home and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Energy-efficient doors can also help lower your energy bills. Improperly installed doors compromise the intended security, energy savings, and ease of operations. Proper installation by our factory-trained installers ensures that your doors can do their job and provide all of the benefits that you heard about.

Doors Should Keep Pests From Entering Your Home

No one wants to find pests like rodents or insects in their Onalaska, WI home. If your doors are not installed properly, this may become a problem. A door that does not fit into the frame can have gaps.

These gaps are an easy entry point for pests trying to find a way into your home. A professional residential door replacement company will ensure you never have to worry about this problem by ensuring your doors are properly installed and sealed on installation day.

A Careless Installation Can Cause
Damage To Your Door

When installing a new entry door to your home, it requires proper alignment of the new door jamb (frame) within the rough opening. If the door is not installed perfectly, then you may find that it becomes damaged over time.

Proper installation ensures that the door opens and closes with ease, that the handle operates properly, and the deadbolt provides the security intended.

Custom fitting an entry door to your home’s exact measurements will guarantee that it fits properly and will not become damaged over time.

Turn To The Professionals For Your La Crosse
County Expert Door Installation

While choosing a door from a “big box” and installing it yourself may appear a bargain, it rarely is. When the door and/or hardware is improperly installed, you do not get the benefits you desire, the door fails sooner, and you spend more money over time.

When you hire a professional for your residential door replacement service, you don’t have to worry about an improper installation. The Board Store Home Improvements custom-fits our doors to your home’s exact measurements to guarantee a perfect fit.

Our dedicated installers strive for perfection and won’t leave until we know the job has been completed successfully, and you are 100% satisfied.

Are you ready to install doors in your Onalaska, WI, home? Contact The Board Store Home Improvements for a free estimate today.

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