Impeccable Storage Solutions For La Crosse, WI Bathrooms

Optimize Your Space With Fantastic Storage
Solutions In La Crosse, County Bathrooms

Make Storage Simple In Your La
Crosse County Bathroom

When your La Crosse, WI bathrooms are running out of space for you to store all of your products, it can start to feel like a cluttered mess. Over time, this undoubtedly makes your bathrooms less pleasing to the eye and a hassle to deal with.

You may find yourself stuffing things into cabinets or utilizing other storage locations in your home.

It can turn into a huge hassle, and you may not get to enjoy the bathroom in your home as you should. Thankfully, a bathroom remodeling project could be exactly what you need to optimize your bathroom’s layout and create a space that has storage to spare.

The Board Store Home Improvements is here to help homeowners get a new bathroom that meets their every need. So, here are a few storage solutions you should consider when embarking on your bathroom remodel.

Installing Custom Vanities To Your Bathrooms

Installing new, custom vanities can make a massive difference in your bathroom. You can design them to upgrade your bathroom’s style and optimize storage space.

Design a vanity with many cabinets to make storing and organizing all of your products simple. When you add a new vanity to your bathroom, you can design the number of cabinets you want, the size, and the perfect organizational features.

Double vanities work like a dream for people who share a bathroom. Say goodbye to sharing your storage space and say hello to separating your products in an organized and easy manner.

The Board Store Home Improvements designs vanities with your specific needs in mind. They aren’t just the perfect storage solution. They are an excellent way to revitalize your bathroom’s appearance as well.

Our manufacturing partners are the nation’s premier manufacturers, known for their beautiful products designed to last. You can get the perfect unique finish for your vanities and peace of mind that they have been built to last.

When installed by the experts at The Board Store Home Improvements, your new vanities will fit into your bathrooms with ease.

Include Shelving In Your Shower Remodel

Sometimes, it feels like our shower products multiply in our sleep. From shampoo, conditioner, soap, facewash, body wash, and more, our products take up a lot of room.

They can make your shower feel cluttered and leave you feeling confined in your own space. But, a shower remodel can make this issue a thing of the past.

When you come to The Board Store Home Improvements for your shower replacement, consider adding some shelving to your new shower. Including shower shelving is a great way to organize your bathroom and optimize your storage.

Instead of lining your showers with endless products, they can be neatly placed on your shelves for easy access and a neat and tidy look.

The Board Store Home Improvements can help you design the perfect shower to meet your needs. The showers we provide are made-to-order and are backed by warranties from our outstanding manufacturers, as well as The Board Store Home Improvements’ 10-year labor warranty.

Not only can you add the ideal storage solutions, but you can also choose from an array of styles and colors to reinvigorate your bathroom’s appearance and get a space that matches your unique style.

Reconfiguring The Layout Of Your Bathroom

Sometimes, bathrooms can begin to look cluttered and disorganized because of the bathroom’s layout.

You may feel like you don’t have enough space or that your space is feeling cramped. The best way to fix this issue is to turn to an expert bathroom remodeler like The Board Store Home Improvements.

Replacing an older, large tub with a stunning walk-in shower could be the perfect solution for your bathroom’s layout. Our tub-to-shower conversions are installed perfectly in your space, typically in just a day or two, to give you the look you have always hoped for.

Our designers will help you maximize the value of the space you have or can provide a design that uses space from adjacent rooms or closets to enlarge your bathroom.

If you are ready to design the ideal bathroom for your La Crosse, WI home, reach out to the experts at The Board Store Home Improvements for your free estimate today.

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