Signs That You Should Replace Your La Crosse, WI Siding

Know The Signs That It’s Time To Replace
Your La Crosse, WI Siding

Don’t Let Older Siding Ruin
Your Home’s Appearance

The siding on your La Crosse, WI home plays a lot of roles. It is responsible for making sure that your home has a unique and beautiful look.

Siding comes in all types of materials, colors, and patterns. It’s specifically designed to give a unique look to meet every homeowner’s tastes and is responsible for a lot of your home’s curb appeal.

It is also needed to protect your house from the elements. High-quality siding is durable and long-lasting and should be able to stand up against the unpredictable weather in La Crosse County.

Over the years, you may begin to notice that your siding is worn out, outdated, or just plain ugly. It may be faded, chipped, or showing signs of moisture retention. Regardless of the issue, you know that it doesn’t look as good as you would like it to be.

At some point, you may begin to weigh your options. Should you simply refresh your siding or go for a complete siding replacement? Well, here are some signs that a siding replacement is the best decision for your home.

The Color Of Your Siding Is Faded Or Chipped

Whether you have had your siding painted or have older vinyl siding with a built-in color, peeling, fading, or chipping siding is never a good sign.

Siding with damage is an eyesore on any home. It can draw the wrong type of attention to your home and take away from the beauty of your other products. If left alone, it will only continue to get worse and will slowly ruin your curb appeal.

But what many homeowners don’t consider is the role the color or paint plays in protecting your home. As it fades or chips, it can begin to allow moisture in. This can damage your siding further and may also let water into your home if it is left unattended.

While it may be tempting to simply touch up your home’s siding, it’s better to replace it completely. This way, you can be certain that the new siding is protecting your home the best it can and that the color will look beautiful on your home.

The Siding Has Been Damaged By A Storm

While today’s siding is designed to hold up to strong winds or hail, older siding isn’t quite as strong or reliable. Over the years, it may have lost its durability and become more vulnerable to the weather.

You may find that your siding has been damaged by a particularly strong storm or other weather conditions. This could include hail damage or even missing pieces of siding. Unfortunately, this is usually a sign that your siding isn’t quite as strong as it could be and is certainly no longer able to fulfill its purpose of protecting your home.

It’s best to take action sooner rather than later to make sure that your home is protected in the future and you have peace of mind.

Our durable vinyl siding and incredibly strong seamless steel siding are both wonderful options for homeowners who want to be positive that their home is always protected.

Siding May Be To Blame For Your
Home’s High Energy Usage

Siding is also partially responsible for ensuring that your home is running efficiently and maintaining the ideal temperature year-round.

Have you noticed that your energy bills are beginning to grow out of control? Your siding may be to blame. Old or damaged siding may not be able to provide the insulation needed to make your home function properly.

If you replace your siding with energy-efficient siding, it could save you some money. New siding is designed to properly insulate your home and keep it at the perfect temperature through every season.

If you are interested in replacing the siding on your La Crosse, WI home, reach out to the experts at The Board Store Home Improvements for a free estimate today.

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