Top Considerations When Selecting A Storm Door

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Storm
Door For Your La Crosse, WI Home

Keeping Your Household Safe From
The Wisconsin Elements

As their name suggests, storm doors in La Crosse, WI are built to withstand the harsh elements while keeping you and your household safe and warm inside your home. But what happens when your storm door gets old and weathered, making it ineffective against bugs and the cold Wisconsin winters?

At The Board Store Home Improvements, our storm doors are built with durability and style in mind. Our low-maintenance materials give you peace of mind in your busy life.

Keep in mind not all storm doors are created equal. ProVia rises above the rest with the following features:

  • Retractable self-storing screens
  • Glass inserts
  • Frames up to 20% thicker than industry standard
  • Reinforced kick panels for added security
  • Storm doors available as French doors
  • Custom heights up to 8 feet

When your storm door no longer works as it should and you need a replacement, there are a few essential things to consider.

Material Of Your Storm Door

Not all materials weather the elements the same; for this purpose, most storm doors are made of aluminum.

At The Board Store Home Improvements, our storm doors have aluminum frames up to 20% thicker than the industry standard for strength and resistance against severe weather, pests, intruders, and more.

While ProVia’s aluminum storm doors are all made of aluminum, this certainly doesn’t mean they all look the same. We offer a wide range of styles and colors to suit your home’s individual style.

Construction Of Your Storm Entry Door

For our storm doors, we only trust ProVia – a company renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship, flawless design, and superior durability.

The doors’ aluminum frames come with durable, oven-baked polyester finishes that are low-maintenance and resistant to cracking, chipping, and fading. Corrosion-proof corner gussets keep the corners of your door from wearing down over time.

Our storm entry doors come with an air release system for quick opening and closing – certainly an important feature when closing your door during a storm.

All storm doors are manufactured with tempered glass for our safety as well as guarding your entry door and your home against extreme weather conditions.

Storm Door Replacement Benefits

High-quality storm doors provide significant benefits. Storm doors provide an additional barrier against the wind and cold and the ability to open the entry door for ventilation with the screen to keep the bugs out.

Storm doors add value to even the best entry doors and can greatly improve the energy efficiency of an older, poor-fitting door.

Style Of Your Storm Door

ProVia storm doors come in a wide array of styles, colors, and designs, which include glasswork, etching, metal accents, and more.

Make your storm door an eye-catching addition to your La Crosse, WI home with ProVia’s many style choices.

Your Budget For A New Storm Door

While storm doors typically cost a little less upfront than front entry doors, they are certainly a big investment in your home’s overall value and longevity.

Well-functioning storm doors that protect your La Crosse County home against the elements ensure that the outside weather isn’t damaging your home’s interior. After all, a storm door that doesn’t keep out insects and other pests leaves the house vulnerable to damage from said pests.

Where Can I Get The Best Replacement Storm
Doors For My La Crosse County Home?

Look to The Board Store Home Improvements for the best replacement storm doors in La Crosse, WI. With deep community roots and a rich history, we have served the good people of La Crosse County for over 30 years.

We use only the highest quality materials to make the durable, stylish storm doors our customers speak so highly about.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule your free estimate, call us at (608) 782-8877.

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