Unique Colors Make Your Deck Shine

Choosing The Deck Color That Will Upgrade
Your La Crosse, WI Home’s Appearance

Follow These Tips To Design A Unique
Deck That You’ll Love For Life

Have you ever felt like your home’s exterior is missing something? You need a wonderful place to spend time with your friends and family and relax while breathing in nature. The Board Store Home Improvements builds custom decks for La Crosse, WI homeowners that are both beautiful and functional.

Choosing a color is an important step in the customization process. The color of your deck can make a massive difference in its overall look and should enhance your home’s unique appearance. But how do you choose the right color for your La Crosse County deck?

Choose A Deck Color That Complements
Your Home’s Beautiful Exterior

A deck should feel like a natural and wonderful extension of your home’s exterior. While the color of a deck doesn’t usually match a home’s siding, it is important for it to complement the colors that are already present outside of your home.

Consider the colors that you already have on your home’s exterior. If you have a bold and stand-out color for your siding, choosing a muted color for your deck might be the best option. You can never go wrong with a beautiful brown that mimics the look of natural wood. It can easily complement any home exterior and provide a classic and traditional look.

Are you searching for a way to flawlessly complement your neutral siding? Choose a deck that is more vibrant. A welcoming Harbor Gray can be the pop of color you need to make your beige or white home stand out from the crowd.

You can also take inspiration from the trim on your windows and doors when choosing the color for your newly built deck. Matching your trim can be a great way to make sure that your deck flawlessly complements the exterior of your home. It also provides a cohesive look that makes it seem like your deck has been there the whole time.

A Deck Color That Matches Your Personal Style

Using color to express your personal style and your home’s unique architectural features is a tried and true home improvement. Colors emphasize different aspects of your home and can offer a unique flair that you may have been missing. Consider what type of vibe and style you want your home to have when choosing a color for your deck.

Are you searching for something that displays elegance and sophistication? We recommend choosing classic tones of brown or gray. Both of these color options are timeless.

Experiment With Your Deck’s Color Choices

When you paint a room, change your siding, or choose any color for your home, what is the first thing you usually do? Do you look at pictures? Do you pick up color swatches? Choosing the ideal color for your deck is all about experimentation.

There is rarely a moment when homeowners know the precise color they are looking for without experimenting with a color swatch or seeing their options in person. Colors can look different in certain lighting, and seeing them in person may change your opinion of what you initially thought you wanted.

We always recommend that homeowners explore their options and take their time experimenting with the colors that they are considering for their deck. Luckily, we make that easy.

Our 14,000+ square foot showroom proudly displays a majority of the options available. Any homeowner can come visit, look around, and learn more about what may work for their specific home.

Working With The Professionals To Choose
A Wonderful Color For Your Deck

The most important thing to remember when you are building a deck with The Board Store Home Improvements is that you are not in the process alone. We’re here to help every step of the way and can help you choose a color that perfectly enhances your home’s appearance.

Our team works with homeowners to design every aspect of their decks — from the layout and size to the color.

Of course, we can offer suggestions, but at the end of the day, the best way to choose a color for your deck is to select the color you love. If there is something that sticks out from the crowd, go with your gut.

Our decks are designed to last, so you should choose a color you can see yourself loving for decades. If you’re ready to build your La Crosse, WI deck, turn to experts at The Board Store Home Improvements for a free estimate today.

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