What You Should Know Before Installing Doors In La Crosse, WI

4 Steps For Preparing Your La Crosse, WI
Home For The Installation Of New Doors

What To Expect When The Work
Begins In La Crosse County

You’ve made the decision, written the check, and scheduled your new doors to be installed for your La Crosse, WI, home. Now comes the most exciting – and potentially the most nerve-wracking – part.

You may be wondering what will happen when work begins. How long will it take? How do you prepare your home for the installation crew? Will you have to set up tarps to protect your furniture?

Here at The Board Store, we understand that installing new doors in your home is a big decision that will pay off significantly. Even after more than 34 years in business, we still get excited when a homeowner sees their new doors for the first time!

We also understand the stress behind not knowing what to expect. Your home is your castle, and having an installation crew come and work on your house is a new experience for most homeowners.

Knowing what to expect with your new doors significantly reduces stress. Be prepared for your new doors by understanding what will happen during the process.

1. Ordering Your New Doors

Once you have chosen from the amazing selection available from ProVia and committed to have your new door installed by The Board Store, you can sit back and relax knowing your are in good hands. As soon as your contract is processed at our office, we wlll call to set an appointment for one of our senior technicians to double check the measurements for the door size and jamb depth of your new door. The door is then ordered by our operations department with all of the specific features you requested. That will include the style of the door, the glazing of the door, the interior and exterior color, the style and color of the hardware, and whether your choice was a fiberglass door, a textured steel door, or a smooth steel door.Every door that we order from ProVia is custom manufactured for your home in just the right size and with all of the options you chose.

When the door arrives from the manufacturer our warehouse will inspect it to make sure there was no damage in shipment and inform the operations department. You will then receive a call to set a time for our installers to come and install the door.

2. Preparing Your Home For Your Doors

It’s no secret that home renovation projects can be messy and an Entry. Door replacement is no exception.

Clear A Space

If your house is more contemporary or modern, minimalist is best. Having transom beams and sidelights with thin, simple metal and large panes of glass highlights your home’s sleek exterior.

A splash of a single color in the glass may enhance the simplistic beauty of your home’s modern style.

Victorian Houses

The day before the crew begins work, you’ll need to clear a space for them. We ask that you remove any furniture or rugs adjacent to the door that is to be replaced and to remove any pictures or other wall hanging in the immediate area to ensure easy access for the workers and avoid any damage to your belongings.

Remove anything that can pose an obstacle or easily break, such as rugs, sofas, chairs, china cabinets, tables, and shelves).

Check The Weather

Weather is rarely cause for disrupting the scheduled install of your beautiful new entry door . our crews use drop clothes and temporary barriers to separate the work area whenever appropriate. Our carpenters have worked year round for decades and come prepared to protect your residence throughout the installation process. If there is a weather situation or other problem that would delay the installation, our operations department would keep you informed in a timely fashion.

Keep Pets Away

If you have pets, it is important that they are contained in a room away from the work space or taken off site until the work is completed. This is important for the safety of your pets and our employees.

3. When The Installation Of Your Doors Begins

When the crew arrives at your La Crosse, WI, home, they’ll tear out the old door and frame. This will create a small amount of dust and debris but the carpenters will contain it, quickly clean it up, and remove it all from the work area. The old door,old frame and all other debris will be cleaned up and hauled away on our truck at the conclusion of the door installation.Most doors are installed in just a few hours so there’s no need to worry about a mess.

Unexpected Damage

Although rare, it is always possible that the carpenters could find some type of problem like termites, carpenter ants, or wood decay that wasn’t visible during the initial inspection. If the problem is minor the carpenters usually just make necessary repairs so they can proceed with the installation. If the problem requires the service of others or if it requires some major structural repairs, the carpenters will explain the problem and offer an appropriate solution. It is, as noted, very uncommon to encounter such situations but you can have confidence that you are working with a company that will never cover up a problem rather than make the right corrections.

If everything looks good after the crew pulls out the old door frame, prep takes very little time.

It Usually Takes A Day – But Can Sometimes Take Longer

Our crew will usually finish a job in a single day. However, if there are multiple products being installed or the door install takes longer than expected, our crew will never leave the site without making certain the opening is filled and secure until they return the following morning.

4. Finishing Up The Installation Of Your Doors

After installing your new door, the crew will add trim, touch up the paint, and clean off the new door. Then, they’ll thoroughly clean up the work space and the only sign that they were there will be your brand new and beautiful entry door and trim. A common report on our reviews is that “they left it cleaner than it was when they arrive.”

The Board Store: La Crosse County’s Best For Door
Replacement And Installation

Whether you’ve opted for a new entry door, patio door, or storm door, The Board Store has you covered. We carry only the best on the market from our manufacturer(s), ProVia. You can have peace of mind that your doors are durable and your installation will be a breeze.

We never settle for less than perfect when it comes to adding a new door to your home – just ask our satisfied customers!

If you’re thinking about replacing your old doors in La Crosse, WI, reach out to The Board Store today for a free estimate!

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