Exterior Remodeling FAQs

Residential Exterior Remodeling FAQs

Everything You Need To Know About Our
Exterior Remodeling Services

Can I Keep The Existing Trim On The Inside Of My House If I Decide I Want To Keep It?

While it may be possible to retain existing trim, differences in the size of the new door can sometimes pose challenges, making it difficult to ensure a final quality result. Our team will assess the feasibility and provide guidance based on your specific project.

Can You Remodel The Exterior Of My Home During The Winter?

Yes, in most cases, we can proceed with exterior remodeling projects during the winter. Our experienced team is equipped to handle various weather conditions, ensuring your project moves forward smoothly.

Do You Also Offer Interior Remodeling Services?

Yes, in addition to our comprehensive exterior remodeling services, we offer a wide range of interior remodeling services.

Do You Dispose Of Old Windows, Doors, Siding, Etc.?

Absolutely, we take care of removing all debris from the job site as part of our comprehensive exterior remodeling services. You can trust us to leave your property clean and ready for the new improvements.

Do You Offer Exterior Remodeling Services Outside The La Crosse, WI Area?

Yes, we extend our expertise and exterior remodeling services beyond the La Crosse, WI area. Wherever you are in Southeastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, we're here to help transform your home.

Do You Offer Financing For All Exterior Remodeling Services?

Certainly, we provide flexible financing options for all our exterior remodeling services. Our goal is to make your home improvement projects accessible and budget-friendly.

Do You Use Subcontractors For Your Exterior Remodeling Services?

No, we always use our own employees, each of whom undergoes personal training with The Board Store Home Improvements methods. This ensures a consistent and high standard of workmanship.

If My Exterior Remodeling Project Requires A Permit, Will You Get That For Me?

Yes, we handle the entire permit process from start to finish. You can rely on us to navigate the necessary paperwork and ensure that all aspects of your exterior remodeling project comply with local regulations.

Is Trim Material Solid Wood?

Yes, the interior trim is crafted from solid wood and prefinished to complement the new door. Additionally, any exterior wood trim is covered with custom-fit aluminum or steel, offering both a polished appearance and low-maintenance durability.

What Time Can I Expect Workers To Arrive At My Home?

Typically, our team starts between 7am and 8am. As your start date approaches, we'll provide you with precise times, keeping you informed and ensuring a seamless beginning to your exterior remodeling project.

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