Strict Product Selection Process

Our Strict Product Selection Process Is Key To
Creating Beautiful Remodels In La Crosse, WI

Don’t Waste Time Running From Place To Place When The Board
Store Home Improvements Can Provide The PERFECT Materials
For YOUR Project.

Instead of heading down to the local big-box retailer or seeing what someone else has to offer, why not turn to La Crosse, WI’s tried-and-true interior and exterior remodeling EXPERTS.

Our strict product selection process ensures you get EXACTLY what you want–not something CLOSE to it.

Our hands-on service and decades of experience make for a MUCH better experience, and our showroom has an EXTREMELY wide array of interior and exterior home renovation products.

Whether you are looking for the perfect walk-in shower or flooring that truly matches your taste, The Board Store Home Improvements has what you’re looking for.

For Us, It’s Quality Or NOTHING: We’ll Never Settle For Subpar Materials

When it comes to the products and materials we offer, we’re PICKY. At The Board Store Home Improvements, we pride ourselves on our selection of products; we’d never add something subpar to our roster.

If we carry and stand by a product line, it’s because we genuinely believe in it. We wouldn’t offer you anything that we wouldn’t put in our own homes.

A Truly Versatile Selection Of Interior & Exterior Remodeling Materials

We offer a VERY wide selection of products with a hands-on customer service approach that is tailored to your wants and needs.

From our diverse selection of windows and doors to our truly innovative bathroom, kitchen, and sunroom options, we have the materials for ANY remodel.

We work with an array of trusted, established manufacturers to provide the most all-encompassing product selection for the La Crosse area homeowners we serve.

Durable, Long-Lasting, Warranty-Backed Products

So, your windows, doors, and siding LOOK great, but how do you know they will LAST?

Well, if they came from The Board Store Home Improvements, they will. We specifically choose product lines from manufacturers with a proven track record for success and best-in-class warranties to go along with our 10-year labor warranty.

In the case of ProVia Windows, we are certified by the company to install and work on their products. This means that we are able to perform prompt service calls if you have an issue or need to make use of your ProVia warranty.

Hands-On, Personal Service From The Moment You Walk In The Door

Finding the right product at a big-box store is like finding a needle in a haystack. The product you need MIGHT be there, but it will be no easy feat to find. And if you need any assistance figuring OUT what you need…FORGET about it.

Customer service just isn’t their strong suit–but it is ours.

From the moment you come to our 14,500 square foot showroom in La Crosse, WI, you are greeted by our experienced, knowledgeable staff to help guide you through the product selection process.

Don’t know what you need yet?

That’s fine! At The Board Store Home Improvements, we’re happy to work with you to make sure you come away THRILLED with your selection.

Remodeling Products That Function As Great As They Look

Selecting products that will LOOK great on your La Crosse area home is only half the battle. They also have to function for YEARS to come, without hiccups, disruptions, or failure.

That’s why we offer home remodeling materials designed to be used. From our ProVia windows and doors to our Moen faucets for your kitchen or bath, we choose products that not only look beautiful but hold up their quality and functionality day after day.

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The Board Store Home Improvements has been remodeling the interiors and exteriors of La Crosse-area homes since 1989. We’re your one-stop shop for a wide variety of home improvement projects – kitchens, bathrooms, windows, siding, and more. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home estimate. We would be honored to speak with you!