How Do I Match Replacement Windows To My Home Design?

Matching Your La Crosse, WI Replacement
Windows To Your Design Theme

Consider Your Home Design
For Replacement Windows

Selecting the best home replacement windows in La Crosse, WI is not easy. The more you look into windows, the more confused you can become. However, you can make the selection process simpler by matching your replacement windows to your home’s design.

Let’s take a look at the different window types and home styles to see which replacement windows may be the best match for your home.

The Different Window Types
And Styles

You should first determine your existing window type. It is often easiest to choose the same type of replacement windows for your La Crosse County home. However, if you prefer another window type and style, then an experienced window replacement company can help you make the transition:

  • Bay – This design features three windows in one space that project from the house wall for an expanded view. The two side windows are usually operable double hungs or casement windows and the center unit is a picture window.
  • Bow – Similar to the bay style, bow windows extend outward from the wall. However, there are four windows — all of equal size — that form a curved (or “bow”) look.
  • Sliding – Slider windows have two sashes that slide horizontally. They are a nice alternative to traditional vertical sliders, as you see with most double-hung windows. Slider windows provide for a larger operating window in a single unit and are popular for porches and as a sunroom window.
  • Awning – Awning windows have a hinge at the top and push out. This creates a protective roof over your window space, allowing you to open your awning windows even when it rains. Awning windows are often paired with a picture window to provide a larger window.
  • Casement – Like doors, casement windows swing out to the side.Casement windows can be hinged on either the right or left. They are often mulled together with multiple casements or in combination with picture windows. This allows for excellent ventilation and an unobstructed view.
  • Double-hung – Both top and bottom sashes operate with double-hung windows. While the sashes operate up and down, modern replacement windows will tilt to the inside for easy cleaning.so you don’t have to worry about climbing ladders.

The Different Home Designs And Why
They Matter For Your Windows

With 34 years of experience replacing windows in La Crosse, WI, and the surrounding areas, we have worked with numerous home types. Some window types are more common for certain types of home styles.

Let’s take a look at some home styles and which replacement window types are most popular for each design:

  • Ranch
  • Colonial
  • Craftsman
  • Contemporary


A ranch-style home is a single-story house that became popular in the 1950s and 1960s. They feature a long layout, low-pitched roofs, and an abundance of windows. Many also include a patio with sliding doors.

Windows without grills work well for ranch-style homes, such as casement windows and sliders. Bay and bow windows work well for ranch-style homes as well. This allows for more natural light to enter your home and creates a comfortable feel for your ranch house.

Colonial Revival

Colonial-style homes were popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. Colonial revival homes draw inspiration and share many of the same features as the colonial style, such as symmetrical designs, wood or brick siding, and two or three stories.

Multi-pane windows are popular for colonial revival homes and make for reliable replacement windows. Double hung windows were the standard in these classic homes and, in fact, in nearly all homes up until the 1950s. If you want a more modern style, Casement windows can usually be custom manufactured to fit the size of the old double hungs.( Delete-Sliding or awning windows make for an excellent alternative if you want a modernized appeal. Bay and bow windows are typically recommended) It may be possible to remove a set of older windows and install a custom manufactured bay window if you want to maximize the natural light inside your colonial revival home.


Craftsman-style homes originated in the early 1900s. They typically have wide front porches, low-pitched rooflines, and open floor plans. Although they have a classic appeal, the style is still popular in the modern day.

Double-hung windows make for nice replacement windows with craftsman-style homes. Bay and bow windows are a great way to seamlessly add a more modern look to a craftsman-style home as well.


Contemporary designs are modern. Unlike ranch-style homes, the contemporary style is more flexible, and houses come in various sizes. However, they typically have an open floor plan, and the windows are a key feature of most contemporary-style homes.

Contemporary-style homes are designed in a way that allows you to customize the home however you desire. This means any replacement window type will work great so long as they are properly installed. Bow and bay windows, in particular, add a unique and attractive appeal to contemporary-style homes.

The Board Store Understands Replacement
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The Board Store Home Improvements helps you customize your home windows according to your needs and goals. With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, we have reliably served La Crosse, WI, and would love for you to contact us for a free estimate for your replacement windows.

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