How To Incorporate Patio Doors Into Your La Crosse, WI Home’s Design

Designing A Backyard Oasis: Integrating Patio
Doors Into Your La Crosse Home’s Design

Make The Most Of Your Patio
Space With Doors To Match

Patio doors in La Crosse, WI, are a beautiful and charming addition to any home. They open up the back space of your house and give an airy, open feel to even the smallest backyard space.

Too many homeowners make the mistake of forgetting their patio doors when updating their home’s doors and windows. A shiny new front entry door loses some of its impact when the same house has an old, cold, drafty, hard-to-operate patio door.

We offer hundreds of combinations of styles, colors, and designs, with options to fit every homeowner’s unique tastes. Custom details such as ProVia’s signature Art Glass Doors allow you to add a touch of flair to your patio doors.

Our replacement patio doors are available in 5,6,8,9, and 12-foot units as well as custom sizes so there is no problem upgrading the cumbersome old door to an attractive, easy-to-operate, and energy-efficient new sliding door.

If you are really wanting to expand the view in your dining room or kitchen, The Board Store’s skilled carpenter can expand a current opening or create a completely new opening.

Match Your Patio Doors To Your Home’s Style

While sliding patio doors are the most common in the Midwest, There are traditional hinged style patio doors that can potentially be installed in place of the old patio door. Because the replacement patio doors are made to fit you have the option of choosing the door that best fits your home and lifestyle.

Use Sliding Doors To Maximize Space

One of the great features of sliding doors is that they do not swing into the room and take up space or get in the way of furniture. Sliding patio doors provide the greatest amount of light and viewing and the easily operated sliding screens assure you maximum ventilation on balmy spring and fall days.

At The Board Store, our sliding patio doors, with heavy-duty steel frames and tempered glass, are rust-proof and built to last. Regardless of the style, our patio doors won’t warp, rust, or fade, leaving you to enjoy your outdoor patio space for years to come.

Choose French Doors or Swinging Patio Doors For A Warm, Traditional Look

French doors are made up of a pair of swinging doors that are both hinged, and that can be opened. Although slightly less energy efficient, the French doors can both be opened at the same time to allow for a much larger opening if there is a need to move very large furniture in and out of your home.

They have an old-fashioned sophistication and charm that can enhance the look of your home. Swinging patio doors are similar in appearance to the French doors, but only one of the doors is operable. They provide the same great look but are typically more energy-efficient.

We at The Board Store are the top installer of sliding patio doors, French doors, and swinging patio doors in La Crosse County. We carry only the highest quality French doors by the top three manufacturers.

ProVia French Doors

We’ve partnered with Provia for over 20 years and visited their manufacturing plant several times to see exactly how their products are being made.

ProVia is a company known for its impeccable craftsmanship and uncompromising durability. We should know – we exclusively carry ProVia front doors due to their durable, stylish, and lasting design.

You can expect ProVia French doors to have unbeatable quality that you can rely on for years to come and natural beauty that completely transforms the look of your stunning home.

Give Your Patio Doors A Unique Spin

As beautiful as they are, no one wants their patio doors to look just like their neighbors. Every homeowner is different, and we at The Board Store understand that.

Add your unique spin on your patio doors with a splash of color by adding bold trim to make your doors pop. Traditional door designs usually benefit the most from bright colors – like red, bright blue, or yellow – while more subtle colors suit contemporary doors for an elegant look.

Our ProVia line of patio doors offers a touch of class and individuality with their Art Glass Doors. From classic to contemporary, ProVia offers many preset styles to choose from – and even more glass colors to suit your tastes and highlight your home’s best characteristics.

The Board Store: La Crosse, WI’s Premier
Installer Of Patio Doors

If you want security and durability without compromising style, turn to The Board Store for all your patio door needs. We carry only the best in the market from the top manufacturers and have served the community for over four decades.

Our unbeatable reputation for excellence has helped us achieve an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

If you have any questions about your patio doors in La Crosse, WI, or would like to schedule a free estimate today.

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