Incorporating A Modern Style In Your Windows

Select Modern Windows For Your
Modern Onalaska, WI Home

Install Contemporary Windows
To Make Your Home Unique

We all know that over time, styles can change and different looks are favored. Window styles usually match the original style of the home but when replacing all the windows, especially with new siding, your Onalaska home can take on a whole new look.

Some homeowners love the vintage style windows in their older home and replacement windows can be manufactured to fit exactly where the old windows were in the color and style that matches the historical look they love. Others want to transform the home to a more modern look and the good news is that because windows are custom manufactured, old double hung windows can easily be replaced with casement windows.

What Goes Into Designing Modern Windows?

Traditional designs demand traditional styles to maintain their authenticity. This may mean the windows come with grids, specialty glass, and a colored exterior to match the home. It may require a woodgrain or real stained hardwood interior like the beautiful interiors offered by ProVia.

If your home is more contemporary from the 1970’s or later or if you want to retrofit your traditional home to a contemporary style, the clean lines and unobstructed glass of casement windows may be just the right option. Today dark colors like black have become very popular for exterior and interior finishes. With superior glazing options they are attractive and energy efficient.

The exterior of your replacement windows can compliment your new windows with a complementary or contrasting exterior casing. The interior can bring a whole new look with beautiful finished oak trim in a color that compliments your style and home’s look.

Design Modern Casement Windows
That Will Lighten Up Your Home

Casement windows offer clean lines, unobstructed glass and maximum ventilation. They can be combined with picture windows to fill large openings. They bring maximum light into your home and provide the maximum view of beauty and nature. The options for exterior and interior colors mean you can compliment any style of home.

Minimalist Picture Windows Are
Ideal For Modern Homes

Many newer homes you see in the Onalaska, WI area feature large expanses of glass. If ventilation is not required, multiple windows in an older home can be replaced by a larger picture window made to fit the same space increasing your view and comfort.

While not always practical, a large operable window can be installed in a blank wall when proper installation practices are followed

Versatile Double-Hung Windows
Are Perfect For Any Style

Double hung windows were the primary window style in homes for decades. They are practical and with today’s improvements are more energy efficient. Double hung windows offer top and bottom ventilation options and are the easiest of all the replacement window options when it comes to cleaning.

Energy-Efficient Modern Windows

Installing modern windows doesn’t have to be all about the style – it’s about their function, too. Low E argon, double glazing or low energy triple glazing combined with multiple weather strips on double hung windows make them far more energy efficient than older windows as well as operating easily, requiring minimal maintenance, and super simple to clean from inside your home.

If you are searching for windows that will make your Onalaska, WI home feel more contemporary, turn to The Board Store Home Improvements for a free estimate today.

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