Install A Modern Entry Door

Install Modern Doors That Make A Statement
In Your Onalaska, WI Home

Design Entry Doors With A
Contemporary Look

When you are searching for a way to make your home look more modern and have that contemporary style that many homeowners want, installing new entry doors in Onalaska, WI may be the perfect option for you.

While vintage doors have a sense of charm and unique style, modern doors offer a sleek and simple look that makes your home stand out. While many homeowners know that they want modern doors in their La Crosse County home, some may not know exactly how to make their creative vision come to fruition.

The Board Store Home Improvements is here to help homeowners design beautiful doors that enhance their home’s curb appeal. So, we have developed a guide to some of the design elements you can include in your new entry doors to make them look sleek, modern, and beautiful.

Design Doors With A Neutral Color
Pattern And Clean Lines

The modern style has a lot to do with simplicity. Contemporary designs allow the product to stand on its own and don’t often include the bright statement colors we see with vintage door options.

If you want a door that is more contemporary, consider choosing a muted and neutral color. Dark blacks, grays, and even browns can give you the simple appearance you have been searching for. You can add a bright white trim or a muted gray to make the door pop on your home’s exterior.

A neutral color also complements the clean look of modern doors and provides the minimalist design that makes your door stand out.

Add Simple And Stunning Hardware
To Your Entry Doors

Hardware can make a huge difference in your door’s appearance. Door handles come in a variety of colors and styles, and it’s vital to choose the hardware that matches the style of your door and the contemporary look you have been dreaming of.

A beautiful silver, black, or even brass door handle is a fantastic touch for any residential door replacement. Pull handles are simplistic and timeless. They are one of the best options for homeowners in Onalaska, WI who have been dreaming of a modern residential door replacement.

Homeowners can also consider adding simple electronic handles to their doors. These aren’t just modern in appearance. They are modern in function as well.

Include Beautiful Glass Elements In
Your La Crosse County Doors

Glass has been a cherished element for doors for decades. It is a versatile feature in any entry door and can be used to create an inviting entrance that also lets natural light come into your home.

While most vintage doors have extremely detailed and intricate glass panels, modern doors call for a more simplistic design. Adding full or partial glass panels to your doors can create the contemporary appearance you have been looking for.

You can also include simplistic sidelights to make your door stand out and create a bright and inviting entrance that all your guests will love.

Including glass in your door’s design can have additional benefits. Glass allows more natural light into your home and can make your doors more energy-efficient. This can regulate your home’s temperature and even help lower your energy bills.

So, you can enjoy a more functional home in addition to an enhanced curb appeal.

The Board Store Home Improvements
Can Help You Design The Best Doors

The Board Store Home Improvements is here to help your creative vision come to life during your residential door replacement. Our 14,000+ square foot showroom displays our wide selection, and our in-house designers can help you customize doors that meet your unique needs and style preferences.

We have been helping homeowners design their dream doors since 1989 and guarantee results you will love.

Are you ready to install modern entry doors in your Onalaska, WI home? Get in touch with the professionals at The Board Store Home Improvements for your free estimate today.

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