Is replacing your storm door worth the investment? See what the experts at The Board Store are saying!

Is Replacing Your La Crosse, WI Home’s
Storm Door Worth The Investment?

Boost Your Curb Appeal And Enhance
Your Home’s Protection Against
The Elements

Storm doors – as their name implies – are designed to safeguard your home against the elements. We at The Board Store want only the very best for our customers, so we don’t take any risks when it comes to our manufacturers.

Our storm doors in La Crosse, WI are manufactured by ProVia, renowned for their unrivaled quality, impeccable craftsmanship, and elegant, long-lasting design.

It’s normal to have questions about your storm door and whether replacing it is worth it. After all, it’s a big investment that affects your home.

Replacement storm doors boost your curb appeal, especially those installed by our expert crews at The Board Store. Our ProVia doors are constructed with durability and style in mind.

The cheap, inefficient storm doors touted by our competitors may look nice in their showroom but will break down quickly against the Wisconsin elements, becoming an eyesore against your beautiful home.

Check out all the benefits of replacing your storm door and what it means for the value of your property.

Replacing Your Storm Door Decreases Your Power Bills

One of the main ways energy escapes your home is through drafts around your doors and windows. Energy waste overworks your HVAC systems and sends your power bills sky-high.

Your replacement ProVia storm door from The Board Store is manufactured with the following energy-efficient features:

  • Reinforced corners and edges to resist bending and wear
  • Tempered glass designed for lower heat transference
  • Dual-seal system for extra protection against drafts
  • Custom expandable bottom sweeper
  • Air release system

Year-Round Comfort Inside Your
Home With A New Storm Door

A new storm door helps keep the temperature inside your home comfortable for you and your household.

Because of their energy efficiency, storm doors resist too much heat entering your home and keep energy from leaking around your door.

Storm Doors Extend The Life Of Your Entry Door

Not only will having an efficient and attractive storm door protect your home against harsh weather, but it will keep your front entry door looking beautiful for years to come, given that it won’t be as exposed to the elements.

At The Board Store, our ProVia front entry doors are built to last. The bright color will remain vibrant even after many years despite exposure to the sun.

Storm Doors Protect Your Home Against Winter Weather

Anyone living in La Crosse County understands the harsh Wisconsin winters and how damaging ice and snow can be on your home’s exterior – including your door.

Fortunately, storm doors will shield your front entry door from the elements and provide an extra layer against the cold.

Storm doors by ProVia are built using tempered glass for added security against the weather.

A Storm Door Provides More Sunlight
And Breeze Inside Your Home

While sunny winter days are seldom here in La Crosse County, they’re a rare treat when they do happen. But wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the sunshine without the bitter cold?

With a ProVia storm door from The Board Store, you can! Let the sunshine warm your home while keeping the cold at bay.

Increase Property Value With A New Storm Door

Newly replaced storm doors are attractive to buyers since their energy efficiency and practical benefits against the weather are highly coveted among potential homebuyers.

If you’re considering selling your La Crosse, WI home anytime soon, consider replacing your storm door – as it’ll be seen as one less thing potential homebuyers will have to worry about if they purchase your home.

The Board Store: The Most Trusted Installer Of ProVia
Storm Doors In La Crosse County

Here at The Board Store, we understand your home is important to you. We also understand that you want only the best for your home.

The Board Store has served La Crosse, WI for over 40 years, and in all that time, we’ve gained a shining reputation for reliable service, excellent quality, and never settling for less than perfection.

If you have any questions or want to schedule your free estimate, call us at (608) 782-8877 today!

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