What To Consider When Choosing Sidelights And Transoms For Your Door

Add Sidelights And Transoms
To Give Your Entry Door
A Whole New Look

For the best front entry doors in La Crosse, WI look to none other than The Board Store. Our quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and shining reputation for excellence have satisfied La Crosse County homeowners for over 40 years.

Combining old-world elegance and Midwestern warmth, adding sidelights and transoms can transform the blandest front entry doors into a charming gem.

Transoms and sidelights will boost your curb appeal while increasing natural light in your home, giving your front entryway a natural, airy vibe.

Check out how you can use sidelights and transoms to add elegance and creativity to your front door.

What Are Sidelights And Transoms For Doors?

Sidelights are narrow, vertical windows on one or both sides of a door that are non-operating and installed to add style and natural light to the entryway.

A transom window is similar, except that it sits above a horizontal structural beam above the front door. Most transom windows are non-operating.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Sidelights And
Transom Windows To My Entryway Door?

Your entryway is the focal point of your home and the first thing visitors see when they approach your home. First impressions are important – what impression are you giving your guests if you have a cramped, dark, outdated front door?

Transoms and sidelights let in natural light to the home, saving La Crosse, WI homeowners money on electric bills.

They also give your front door an elegant appearance that makes a statement to your visitors. With so many wood stains, colors, styles, and designs, you can add sidelights and transom windows to your new replacement door that match your and your home’s unique style.

Sidelights For Front Doors

When designing sidelights and transom windows for your front entryway, match the trim around your sidelights with the trim around your door for a unifying look.

There are four basic types of sidelights, each referring to the ratio of glass to solid pane (usually wood, like your front door).

  • Full View (all glass)
  • ¾ View (¾ glass, ¼ solid)
  • ½ View (½ glass, ½ solid)

With the ¾ and ½ views, the solid section is a separate panel installed above or beneath the glass panel.

Transom Windows For Front Doors

While the transom refers to the solid structural beam running horizontally over your front door, the glass is the transom window. While transom windows vary in style and size, there are three main styles:

  • Arched
  • Square
  • Rectangular

Sidelights And Transoms For Different House Styles

Depending on your La Crosse, WI home’s style, different sidelight and transom styles might suit your aesthetic best.

Modern Or Contemporary Houses

If your house is more contemporary or modern, minimalist is best. Having transom beams and sidelights with thin, simple metal and large panes of glass highlights your home’s sleek exterior.

A splash of a single color in the glass may enhance the simplistic beauty of your home’s modern style.

Victorian Houses

Dark wood and intricate designs are characteristic of Victorian front doors. For transoms and sidelights, consider dark wood with arched transoms and sidelights for a sophisticated, imposing look.

Ranch Style Houses

Simple wood skylights and transom windows give a rugged, down-to-earth feel to ranch-style houses with a touch of simple elegance. Adding color to your glass increases visual appeal and will make visitors’ eyes go right to your entryway.

Here at The Board Store, we ensure your sidelights and transoms perfectly match your front door and deliver the statement you want them to make.

Colonial Houses

White trim adds a clean, optimistic, homey feel to colonial houses. Sidelights brighten the entryway and give visitors and members of your household a welcoming vibe.

Spatial Considerations For Your Entry Door

If your house has a high roofline, adding sidelights will make your doorway look broader and more balanced in proportion to the roof.

Conversely, if your house has a low roofline, sidelights – especially wide ones – give your front door a short, squat appearance. Transoms help provide homes with low rooflines with a more balanced appearance.

Where Can I Get The Best Sidelight And Transom
Installation For My DoorIn La Crosse County?

For a top-tier home renovation company that gets the job done right the first time, turn to The Board Store. Our commitment to the customer and superior quality has helped us serve the people of La Crosse, WI for over 40 years.

If you have any questions or are considering adding sidelights and transoms to your front door, give us a call today at (608) 782-8877 to schedule your free estimate!

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