Windows: More Layers = More Insulation? But Is It Worth It?

Single, Double, And Triple-Paned Windows:
Which Is Best For Your La Crosse Home?

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If there’s anything homeowners need when it comes to their windows in La Crosse, WI, it’s insulation against those frigid Wisconsin winters.

This insulation is directly related to how many panes your window has. The fewer panes, the less insulation your La Crosse home will have against the elements.

Window panes are the most significant factor against energy conservation in your home.

But how much difference is there, really, between the number of layers? Is the insulation worth it? And how does it affect your electric bills?

Many La Crosse County homeowners have these questions, and here at The Board Store, we’re happy to answer your questions so you can make the best decision for you and your home.

How Do Window Panes Work?

In layered panes, insulating gas (usually argon and, in some cases, krypton) is sandwiched between two or three layers of glass separated by warm edge spacers that seal the air space and contain the argon or krypton glass.

Single Pane Windows – Pros And Cons

Single-pane windows are just what they sound like – windows with a single pane of glass. Few modern homes have single-pane windows, as they are much more commonly seen in older homes. In northern climates such as we have in La Crosse there are virtually no single pane windows in inhabited dwellings. If there is single-pane glass in the primary window they typically will have some type of storm window to offer some protection. Even when covered by a storm window, they are very inefficient and usually prone to significant drafts.

Suppose you have a heater or air conditioner and you have single-pane windows. In that case, your unit will have to work extra hard – expending more energy and therefore costing you more in electric bills – to make your home’s inside temperature comfortable.

Here in La Crosse County, we shiver at the thought of weathering winter with single-pane windows!

Pros Of Single-Pane Windows

Single-pane windows offer some benefits to homeowners:

  • They are more affordable upfront than their double or triple-pane counterparts.
  • Part of authentic historic aesthetic in older homes

Cons Of Single-Pane Windows

The downsides of single-pane windows tend to outweigh the benefits:

  • No insulation against extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Least energy-efficient of all window types
  • They don’t mute outside sound
  • Less secure

If you live in an older home and have single-pane windows with or without a storm window replacing your windows is certainly a great investment. It will reduce your energy bills, increase your comfort, and provide some additional security. Choose the Board Store for all your window replacement needs. We have the credentials to back up our top-quality work!

Double-Pane Windows – A Comfortable Middle Ground

While lacking the efficient layers of triple-pane windows, double-pane windows are certainly better than their single-pane counterparts. Nearly all double hung windows manufactured today use a low-E glass, warm edge spacer, and are filled with argon gas to provide optimum performance.

Pros Of Double-Pane Windows

Double-pane windows offer several excellent benefits, including the following:

  • More energy efficient than single-pane windows or older windows with a storm window.
  • Insulated against outside temperatures ensuring lower energy bills and greater comfort.
  • Dampen outside noise
  • Modern low-E argon double-pane windows are typically accompanied with multiple weatherstrip to reduce drafts and improve performance.

Triple-Pane Windows: No Better Protection
Against The Elements

In the world of replacement windows, nothing beats extreme weather like triple-pane windows. These hefty shields against the snow and ice are composed of three panes of glass with slightly thinner warm edge spacers, argon or krypton gas, and one or more layers of low-E glass.

In many cases, La Crosse, WI homeowners opt for krypton instead of argon for their triple pane windows because it offers the absolute maximum energy efficiency and greater protection from condensation.

Pros Of Triple-Pane Windows

Triple-pane windows offer maximum benefits to homeowners:

  • Provide unbeatable insulation in climates with extreme temperatures
  • The most energy-efficient windows available
  • Best dampener for outside noise
  • Lower energy bills

Cons Of Triple-Pane Windows

While they offer excellent benefits, you will still need to consider the potential downsides to these fabulous windows:

  • Triple glazed windows come at an increased cost that may not be justified by the incremental energy savings.
  • Triple glazed window will be heavier making them a little more challenging to install but this is never a problem when the installation is completed by the Board Store’s certified installers

For our La Crosse, WI homeowners, triple-pane windows are often the best for standing up against extreme Wisconsin winters.

But don’t let the initial costs put you off. Check out our flexible financing options for homeowners of any budget and home style!

The Board Store: Wisconsin’s Best For Replacement Windows

If you’re looking to replace the old windows in your La Crosse, WI home, look no further than The Board Store – serving La Crosse County and the surrounding areas since 1989. With top-quality work and stellar reviews. Our workmanship speaks for itself.

Call us today at (608) 782-8877 or contact us for a free consultation and start saving on those energy bills today!

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