By-The-Book Professionalism

Meet The La Crosse, WI, Home Remodeling
Company With By-The-Book Professionalism

From Proper Communication To No-Pressure Consultations,
Professionalism Is At The Heart Of Everything We Do.

Finding a home remodeler? Easy. Finding an experienced, professional, one-stop shop home remodeling company in La Crosse, WI? That’s another story.

That’s why we founded The Board Store Home Improvements to be the home remodeler that La Crosse homeowners could count on for true professionalism, from start to finish.

When you come to visit our showroom, you will be greeted by friendly, knowledgeable people who are there to guide you towards your perfect remodel.

Clear Communication From Beginning To End

Communication is key to getting great results for your home remodeling project. You need to know what’s happening, so you can prepare and plan accordingly.

We make a point of keeping you in the know about every single detail of your project and the high-quality products and materials that go into them.

At The Board Store Home Improvements, you’re not a nameless customer. With us, you have a home remodeling partner who’s with you every step of the way.

ZERO Sales Pressure: We Want What YOU Want

Some contractors are there to convince you to purchase their services and materials. Believe it or not, that’s NOT the best way to find the right products for YOUR home remodeling project.

Instead of pressuring you to do what WE want, we encourage you to explore your options until you’ve found the perfect windows, doors, siding, flooring, or whatever it is you’re looking for.

A More Than 30-Year History In La Crosse, WI

It’s important to choose a remodeler that has been around for more than just a few years. Why?

Because mediocre contractors come and go, but the ones you can count on are the ones who stick around for decades.

In the case of The Board Store Home Improvements, our business has been around since 1989, and the company itself was founded in the late 1970’s!

We Keep Your Project On Time & On Budget

If you’ve ever been through a major remodeling project before, you know they can go WAY off the rails. From the time and inconvenience to your BUDGET, small mistakes can add up and RUIN your entire project.

With The Board Store Home Improvements, you won’t have to worry. Your remodel will be in our capable, experienced hands from start to finish.

Once the products and installers are ready to go, we attack your remodel with a by-the-book process to see it through to the finish.

The same close-knit team of dedicated individuals will complete every step of your project.

Uncompromising, By-The-Book Professionalism In EVERYTHING We Do

When you choose The Board Store Home Improvements, you are choosing La Crosse County’s true professionals. We aren’t a new up-and-comer, nor are we an empty, impersonal big-box retailer.

We’re the local, by-the-book professionals who have been in business for over 30 years. Our amazing team will work WITH you to make your sunroom, kitchen, or bathroom remodel a reality.

Get A Free Estimate

The Board Store Home Improvements has been remodeling the interiors and exteriors of La Crosse-area homes since 1989. We’re your one-stop shop for a wide variety of home improvement projects – kitchens, bathrooms, windows, siding, and more. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home estimate. We would be honored to speak with you!